Books worth reading for your training

  • January 28, 2018

Books worth reading for your training

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In addition to job, family and training I also love to read. Sorry to say, a once reasonable memory for what I’d read has declined with the years. So, a while back I started to write reviews of the books I read, primarily to remind me of what I found interesting (or not, in some cases), but also because I enjoyed hearing how others reacted to the books they read and wanted to share my opinions too.

I post my reviews at, which I’ve found to be a rich source of a wide variety of opinions on a massive number of books. Thankfully, the site has not been infected by trolls and the general level of commentary remains civil.

I’ve posted a few reviews on triathlon and other sports related books, all of which I think are worth checking out, if you are into the triathlon/ endurance/ multisport/ nutrition domains.

Click here to access my reviews, which include a few more recent sports related books:

There are a ton more, covering sports and a broader array of interests. Take a look and let me know your thoughts and which books you would recommend.

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