1:1 Coaching

Endurance sports require a complex mix of variables to be managed in harmony if goals are to be achieved. Triathlon is particularly complex given the mix of swim, bike, run, nutrition and psychology, that are all critical to making progress. Every individual is different in their aspirations, their current level of experience, the time they can make available, and their physiological and psychological make up. And things change week to week and across the seasons, so generic approaches to training will only get you so far. For that reason, we focus on providing support to our clients that is unique to each individual.

  • Individual training plans
  • Regular plan updates, week by week based on athlete data and feedback
  • Responsive and regular athlete feedback and discussion by whatever medium works best (‘phone, text, email)
  • Guidance on race preparation and approach
  • Access to informational resources developed by or recommended by TriEndeavors

Training Plan Development

A structured training plan is the most basic requirement of an endurance athlete. This enables a progression of fitness and preparation that is appropriate to the athlete, the tracking of how the athlete responds to the training, and adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of the plan. Some athletes do not require a full 1:1 coaching service, but do recognize the need for an individualized training plan which they can then manage largely by themselves, with occasional consultations to check in and course-correct as necessary.


For those athletes who largely self-manage their training, there is often a benefit from every so often checking with an objective third party on their plan and the progress they are making. It can be difficult to know when too much or too little is being done, or to understand what is impacting the levels of performance being attained. In particular, in the last few training blocks, running up to an event, this can be a critical time to check-in and ensure confidence in the preparation.

Lifestyle Coaching

Triathlon and endurance racing are demanding interests to pursue. For many the interest develops into a passion, and the passion into a lifestyle. Our lives are made up of more than our hobbies and interests. We all have other commitments: family, work, uptime, downtime. We all have hopes and fears for our lives. Research has shown how a sense of purpose, a sense of place, relationships, and healthy lifestyles contribute to our state of wellbeing. Putting it all together requires clarity of purpose, structure, effective use of time, healthy eating, exercise and lots of recovery and space in our lives. We have the experience and access to resources that can provide coaching to those who wish to put their training lives into a broader context and widen the lens on how to build a greater sense of achievement.

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